The Natural Starter Course

Natural tools and tips to help you support your body and baby from the first day of your pregnancy until your baby is 4 months old.

About the course

Being pregnant and having a newborn comes with a whole host of anxieties, worries, questions, new feelings and experiences and of course, the unasked-for advice from EVERYONE! What I hope this course will do for you is give you some natural tools to help support your body throughout pregnancy and then to help support your baby once it arrives. What I have done with this course is to condense the knowledge I have gathered over the years since graduating with my Naturopathy degree, from experts around the world and from what I learned through my pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester to pass it on to you.

For those of you who are pregnant, there is a course for you and for those at the end of pregnancy or with a newborn, there is a course for you with your baby. You can, of course, buy both together with a discount. The format is the same in each course; there is a mix of PDFs, videos and audio files covering a range of topics.

And I know there will be some who read this, who will have experienced baby loss in the past, making that first trimester even more shaky, stressful and hopeful. So for all of you I am sending all the love and hope that this pregnancy goes well and you get your pot of gold at the end of this rainbow pregnancy. Because of baby loss and it being more common than we realise as it’s not really talked about openly, I offer the first trimester information and support on Facebook for free.

The First Trimester Course is free, the Pregnancy Course and Postnatal course are £250 each, but you can buy both for £425.

Katie Ruane — Course Creator and Naturopath

Hello my name is Katie!

I’m a fully accredited Family Naturopath and since becoming pregnant unexpectedly without needing expected IVF in 2021, I have first-hand experience with some of the symptoms and side effects I cover in the course.  I have been there with the crazy thoughts that pop into your head and the frantic googling to check you aren’t going mad or the only one to feel like this.  And the agonizing long wait of the first trimester (longest 13 weeks of my life!) to know that everything was as ok as they could know with that first scan.

With my work, to help you and your family, I use a mix of hands-on therapies including massage and reflexology as well as nutritionessential oils and lifestyle advice as part of my Naturopathic ‘tool box’.

The Courses

First Trimester Course


Congratulations! You are pregnant and exhausted!  But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. This is a free course is to help support you and your baby through these early days with nutrition tips, supplement suggestions, safe herbal teas, stress reducing techniques and more.

2nd & 3rd Trimester Course


The first scan is done, you are now telling everyone if you are still able to hide your bump and your energy is great! …or not.  So in this paid course there is more support covering topics including nutrition, lifestyle and essential oils for you and your growing baby.  There is also information on things to think about for the birth and after your baby is home.

Postnatal Course


And your baby is home! Once again, huge congratulations – you did it!  And a whole new realm of googling begins, so I have put together baby massage and reflexology videos to help with common ailments.  Some sleep support and ways to look after you too.  Which is so easy to let slip.

Buy The Pregnancy & Postnatal Courses together for £425.

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